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just uncompress in vtiger root folder (upload files via ftp it is easier and more secure. it respect the folder trees and files will be placed in the right place).

then make this essy modification thanks to the blogger and all the things got done.



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The Short View: Market crash?

By John Authers, Investment Editor

Published: October 6 2008 21:10 | Last updated: October 6 2008 21:10

“Crash” is a sensitive word in markets. By common consent, there have only been two in the stock markets of the developed world: in October 1929 and October 1987. Must we now add October 2008 to the list?

There are good arguments against that. Both 1929 and 1987 involved daily falls of much more than 10 per cent, and they were generated by the stock market itself with shares trading at multiples that were plainly unjustifiable in 1929 and at very high levels in 1987. In both cases, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the oldest established measure of US stocks, had gained more than 50 per cent in the preceding year.


Will the future be like the post-1929 era or the post-1987 experience? The big difference between the two lay in governments’ response and in the health of banks. Those are the key questions now.

VOI che ne dite?

Come stanno i Governi?. E come stanno le Banche?

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E’ cominciata la stagione

I used flock for a while some time ago. Few weeks later I left it when it loosed all my feed subscriptions.

Now 1.0 is dowloadble and I’m trying it again.

At a first glance it is quite improved. It integrates all the tools needed for professional blogging:

  • multiple blog account
  • multible social software accoutn integration (, magnolia, facebook, twitter)
  • multimedia integration with useful top bar where you can stream your flickr or photobucket pictures and drag and drop them into you blog editor.
  • useful clipboard where you can clip your serendipity harverst.
  • improved and readable rss feed reader.

Add a couple of nice add on like screenshot , geoFlock andFlock Blog Plus and you have a complete and high level tool for blogging and social network management.

Let’s start walking trhough.

flcok people bar screenshotThis is the flock People Sidebar screenshot, taken using the screenshot plugina ad uploaded to my flcikr acoout. It is immediatly available in the flock media bar wich provide the snippet of html code i pasted in this post. 2 minute process very easy.

the same you can do with several services from blogging to social bookmarking. Here there are my facebook buddies.

Just click on Account and Services Icon and you can add all your accounts, starting from your hosted blogging platform.
Now it’s time to play around and discover other interesting feautures and creative uses.

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Peace Love and Linux!
foto di kino-eye su flckr

WordPress Goes Mobile

Mobile Browsing is going more and more popular. So i thought it could be a cooll thing to have a mobile version. I used Xfriuts services wich provide several interesting services for contetn aggregation and distribution but.
Recently I discovered a great plugin from Andy Moore that give your blog a fresh new mobile style without the need to spread another url. It works fine with wordpress 2.3.1 if you make this simple changes to adapt the queries to the new database schema.

at line # 378 you will find

$categories = @$wpdb->get_results(“SELECT * FROM $wpdb->categories ORDER BY cat_name”);

replace with

$categories = @$wpdb->get_results(“SELECT * FROM $wpdb->terms ORDER BY name”);

and at line #385 find:

$cat_drop .= “\n\t<option value=’$category->cat_ID’ $selected>”.ucwords(strtolower($category->cat_name)).”  </option>”;

replace with

$cat_drop .= “\n\t<option value=’$category->term_ID’ $selected>”.ucwords(strtolower($category->cat_name)).”  </option>”;

Everything seems to work fine and you’ll have a brand new mobile browsable blog at your original url.

Thanks Hanrty


the call was to deploy rapidly an intranet test bed environment for a big company based on microsoft share point technologies:

  • Windows Sharepoint Services
  • MOSS (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007

what I’ learned and the company too.

If the IT infrastructure is Windows based Share Point is a good solution to accomplish the mission. For testing purposes it’s easy to install and deploy. It’s totally integrated with MS office application and provides a lot of advanced tools for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The most interesting tools and features are:

  • Document libraries and document workspaces
  • Standard workflow management application (request of feedback, approval, document translation management and issue tracking)
  • Team sites ans team discusisona apps (Forums)
  • Shared calendars and meeting sites.

Building a testbed application let’s the organisation familiarize with the new communication and on line collaboration processes that is less easy than you could think facing a large company with a command and control organization.

Playing with the test application decision makers can really understand how a well designed intranet can add value and improve the organisation.

Than decision makers can take into account the key issues to scale the project and build a production environment, namely:

analyze the usage pattern evaluating system logs;
the cost of the infrastructure that depends on :

  • n° of users
  • n° of documents managed and content growth ratio
  • advanced feautures needed such as Document management application or business intelligence application.
  • availability and performance requirements for the system.

Knowing these elements you can plan the farm topology (microsoft names farms the three tier architecture of the system – IIS web server, moss application server, sql server database)

Main Technical feautures:

  • MOSS serves aspx (ASP .NET 3.0 pages) that are customizable with Sharepoint Designer or Visual Studio
  • Shared services such as Excel Calculation Services (for OLAP Cubes), Search and Content Indexing, Project Server Services to integrate Project 2007 server
  • Office Publishing Infrastructure to manage the design and production workflow of content publishing and user experience customisation
  • Integrataion Active Directory or LDAP Authentication provider.
  • Interfaces for Line of business application such as ERP (e.g.)

SWOT Analisys

Choosing a deployement solution mean to take into account Strenght, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats as cost and revenues drivers.

It infrastructure costs from Weakness and Threats to be balanced with some impacts on revenues:

(W) 1,5x – 2x storage;
(W) increased network load;
(W) Hardware Server Farm;
(W) Licences Costs
• (T) increased IT security monitoring;
• (T) system availabilty more critical ;


Increased Users Productivity (estimate + 25% – 30%) e fasten project life cycle (estimate +30%)

• (S) office suite integration;
• (S) workflows management;
• (S) less time documents writing and editing;
• (O) legacy system integration);

Lean Organisation

• (S) common template & process adoption;
• (O) social network analisys using statistics;
• (O) Business intelligence;
• (O) Knowledge Management;

Less Cost It Infrastructure

• (S) storage reduction;
• (S) mail server load reduction;
• (S) common template & process adoption;
• (S) increased docuemnt and information availability;
• (O) Document Management;


Build a a solution for evaluate impact on organisaiton and the value provided is quite easy. Develope and deploy the solution to a production enviroment requires a lot of planning depending on the organisation dimension and needs. Giving a value to the Cost and Revenue driver helps to evaluate the project.
If you IT environment is Windows Based is surely a valuable and scalable solution but planning the architecture and the deployement is the key factor.


Intruder TV Italy is Media Partner of VentureCamp. Thanks to Livia

Parallels Magics

it’s not a nightmare. It’s Paralles

Great tools. I’m using to paly with sharepoint and project server 2007

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