I used flock for a while some time ago. Few weeks later I left it when it loosed all my feed subscriptions.

Now 1.0 is dowloadble and I’m trying it again.

At a first glance it is quite improved. It integrates all the tools needed for professional blogging:

  • multiple blog account
  • multible social software accoutn integration (del.icio.us, magnolia, facebook, twitter)
  • multimedia integration with useful top bar where you can stream your flickr or photobucket pictures and drag and drop them into you blog editor.
  • useful clipboard where you can clip your serendipity harverst.
  • improved and readable rss feed reader.

Add a couple of nice add on like screenshot , geoFlock andFlock Blog Plus and you have a complete and high level tool for blogging and social network management.

Let’s start walking trhough.

flcok people bar screenshotThis is the flock People Sidebar screenshot, taken using the screenshot plugina ad uploaded to my flcikr acoout. It is immediatly available in the flock media bar wich provide the snippet of html code i pasted in this post. 2 minute process very easy.

the same you can do with several services from blogging to social bookmarking. Here there are my facebook buddies.

Just click on Account and Services Icon and you can add all your accounts, starting from your hosted blogging platform.
Now it’s time to play around and discover other interesting feautures and creative uses.

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