First Tank to Simone Onofri that created a brand new Logo for RomeCamp:


What we really need now is a Place where the event can succesfully hosted and a main sponsor to fund gadget such as t shirts – conference ID cards and similar ù

We need also people to coordiante the blog adn web streaming coverage fo the envents.
here is a basic list:
* Wifi Acess Point (if is not present in the host site)

* Streaming or Stickam or Skypecast: i will set up a blog to perform this

* Photo: someone who goes mad for the photgraphy and wanna coordinate the activity

* Audio Video: someone who goes mad for the video cameras (and coordinate the activity)

* T-shirt & gadget: shirts – conference ID cards , pens, block notes and so on  c’mon desing and print.

* Projector, White Boards:

* Breakfast,  Lunch,  Coffee/Tea:

People joining the event are growing but I had few contacts for the collaboration until today.
These days I’m very busy and cannot blogging as i wish. But stay Tuned. I’l be back soon.