Let’s start to collect some italian Sturtup cases we will see at VentureCamp.
I had a brief e mail exchange with Antonio Leonforte about LiveBase
Here there is the quote:

LiveBase is a privately founded project aiming to develop a web-based environment for modelling, building, testing , running and administering large database web applications.

From the developer’s point of view, LiveBase will have many strong points with respect to any existing development environment: it will have a fully conceptual, visual and model-driven approach. No coding will be required to generate complex, enterprise-class database applications. The UML-based model provides support for multi-level generalizations and compositions, binary and reflexive associations, run-time enforced min/max cardinalities, abstract and singleton classes, advanced class-specific access control for multiple user profiles, and much more.

From the user’s point of view, LiveBase will be a solid platform on which it will be possible to share a common structured database with an advanced application-level locking system and innovative collaboration tools allowing to subscribe events on database classes and individual objects.

More on the project status and objectives in future posts,
any comment will be welcome.

We will go deeper in this in the next days.