from marketing sherpa:

But, ‘Where’s the data?’ you ask. Well, luckily, BlueLithium Labs came out with a new study last week with some well-researched and useful data. I’m including a hotlink to that study below. Three highlights:

Ads on non-2.0 sites (classic editorial content sites) convert 31% better than ads run against user-generated content.
Ads on top-brand non-2.0 sites (defined as comScore’s top 250) convert 175% better than user-generated content sites.
However, 2.0 media is so *cheap* (as of now anyway) that it’s still worth testing. The minute the price goes up, buyer beware.


In other words, if you are tasked with reaching 10 million consumers by Wednesday, which will you do — run 1,000 different super-niche campaigns or run 10 general ads on broad-reach media?

I’m studying this with Daniel and we are to think about and low budget advertising solution.