I was on the way back home from ZenaCamp with a long train running. I started to paly around with my mcbook. Since I bougth it I really cannot to explore Mac OS Tiger funcionalities. I heard about Automator so I clicked it up. Browsing Appliactions and Action I gazed the Text Reading feauture caption.
Briefly you can highlight a chunk of text, choose a warm female voice or a strong awful male sound and it reads the text aloud, slow or fast. Exciting and terribly simple.
What’s for this feauture? But for Podcasts.
Five minutes later I discovered the Automator Workflow that passes the active “text edit” data (using “Get Contents of TextEdit Document” Action), to “Text to Audio File” action and saves it in an Awesome Quicktime Format. Now you just add another action (Import in iTunes) in your workflow to import the new .aiff file in iTunes playlist and using ecto to be attached to your blog post.
I guess that this workflow could be improved finding another Automator Action to covert the podcast in an mp3 format, uploading in podcast channel on ITunes store and so on. In the next days I will try some option. Anyway you can do it manually when the ITune Interface authomatically opens at the end of the workflow. Do you use automator, tell me your experince.

Here it is the workflow

here it is the automator application (653k)

You can also listen to Zena Camp Post in the previous post

Yes your podcast will not be so “personal” but it takes up no more than five minutes to be created. This seems quite useful, improving also accessibility of the blog.
Let me say once again Mac is simply awesome.

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