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ZenaCamp, it has been a great success. The best location and the best organisation up to now. Palazzo Ducale (I’m thinking to write a wikipedia article) was an awe-inspiring location mashing up history and modernity. Thanks to all the guys who created all that. Genova is my hometown a left 30 years ago. It’s the place where I return with remembering or to meet old friends and relatives. It was a special barcamp for me.
I could attend till the early afternoon having a job session with a friend of mine. We are preparing the launch of a new startup and we are trying to keep the time.
I presented my coworking idea having good response from the people which attended the speech.

The good news is that Nicola Mattina joined the project a part of his office in Rome. In the next days we are going to set up the first Italian Coworking Space.

As well as barcamp phenomenon is growing also coworking space in going bigger. In the google group I read that NASA (yes NASA, the rocket ships’ one) is going to set up a coworking space.
From the Coworking Community blog:

Here’s the thesis:

1. Our bureaucratic government agencies have a lot to learn from the creativity, efficiency, and authenticity of entrepreneurial and grassroots communities in the Bay Area and beyond.
2. Entrepreneurs and grassroots organizations can benefit a lot from easier access to the massive human resources, facilities, and funding, and other resources that are resident in our government agencies.
3. By bringing entrepreneurial and grassroots communities together with a government agency through co-working, mutually beneficial bi-lateral exchange of knowledge, resources, and culture can occur.
4. For this to succeed, a low-hanging-fruit place to start is with technology-driven organizations on both sides, because there is are pre-existing shared cultural and affinities and memes.

We were thinking to ask the Rome Munipality to support the project. We hope the will be far seeing as NASA seems to be.

More information:

Another interesting discover this morning was http://www.yooplus.com. It is a web 2.0 groupware still in beta testing with a lot of interesting feature and with a good user experience. You have project management features, and wiki features that make the platform really complete. I will go further in the beta testing and report some issues and judgements on the platform I could only smell during the presentation.
In the last week I was busy to testing Socialtext for a customer of mine. It’s the better wiki platform for enteprise users. My customer is going to write several project documentation with a team of contributors distributed trhoughout all Europe. What convinced me to consult SocialText is the simple but disruptive user permission management workflow. It is quite easy to invite users to a single workspace containing wiki pages. That is really really important to lower the platform administration effort. User worries about writing, inviting the authorized editors, that’s all.
The two platform could be my definitive groupware services mix, waiting for the nimboo guys socialty platform that is still in development.

Logo MlThe last two thoughts of ht night go to San Lorenzo barcamp catering stimulating as usual and to mentelocale.it a great internet cafe and winebar that is also a magazine on culture and lifestyle.

Beauty in Genoa:

Palazzo Ducale from http://www.flickr.com/photos/mf_cailloux/

Looking inside Palazzo Ducale from dottavi

the old Commodity Exchange in Genoa, in front of Palazzo Ducale, from Andy

estrov3rsa and the ZenaCamp T Shirt

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