Few weeks ago I reorganized my blogroll creating the “Blogs for Real” category. Here I was going to collect all those blogs who are really personal. You can find different types of blogs news or marketing oriented but blogs for real are all those you can find deep blogger’s soul insights in. tempe.st blog is in this category.
The Reading “Bread and Butter vs Big Project” post of tempe.st brought to my mind the first rule of good writing: “let the river of your consciousness to roll”.
I’m a consultant that means I daily fight to bootstrap my “solo” company. Yes when I win the bid I’m on the fore on the “team working” stage but when the spot is turned off you have few friends to rely on, your family and some good blogging buddies.
Entrepreneurs must have a unique vision in their own mind, that’s the key of their success and the reason they are alone in the early stage. They have to be “fault tolerant” and able to stand up again and jump ahead the crowd following their thin red line. Finding on their way friends that are loosing sleep, believing that their dreams will be real things not only money, richness or fame but real things never seen or used before, well guys, finding this people is the first, precious resource for your company.
For this kind of nuggets The blogosphere in the richer mine human beings could have ever dug.