Last week I was busy in setting up a new blog for GridLab and in the re design of
The Two blogs have different objectives but for both i focussed alittle bit more on Search Engine Optimization.
Here there are some tips i learned.
Wordpress it is without doubt the best blogging platform available. I think it is better than Movable Type and Typepad also.
“The code is poetry” it is the payoff of WordPress brand and they really believe in what they claim. I’m not a pro php developer but changing code and customize the platform it is very easy.
I followed some advices from RobinGood, all those you can see (in Italian) I’n his. MarCamp presentation. I’m very grateful also to SEOnoob which helped me to fit advices in wordpress platform.

Url and <title>

If you wanna a google friendly blog, first change your permalink url systems. WordPress let customize it very easily.
Then take a look to the <title> of your pages:

<title><?php wp_title(‘ ‘); ?><?php if(wp_title(‘ ‘, false)) { echo ‘–’; } else { echo ’32nd America \’ s Cup Unofficial Blog – ‘; } ?><?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?></title>

Placing this snippet of code in the header.php template you will have the post title in the caption bar of your windows showing the post. In the home page you’ll have the keywords you prefer (here i choose 32nd America \’ s Cup Unofficial Blog). Note that the \’ it is a php walk-around to print apostrophes usually reserved to php syntax.

This simple modification make the post title more important and useful to gain google friendship.

Google sitemap

Once you submitted your blog to google you have to manage google sitemap.xml updating to better perform SEO.

You can use an ad hoc wp plugin by Arne Brachhold.

Tagging for SEO

Tags helps users to navigate your content but can also help google bots to rank your site. Here there are two useful wordpress plugin:

The Ultimate Tag Warrior and Tags in The Head.
The firs allow blogger to use tags (technorati and other tagging systems) using categories of the blog or adding newer. This plugin also provide a “related post” feature using tags as semantic link among posts.
The second place these tags in the head section as <meta keywords=”…..”>

Now the blog is ready to launch your content on google rank. The more you are visible the more you’ll have traffic the more you monetize you have an Ad-Sense based business model. Next time some tips to get introduced in Goggle AdSense World.