It is made with a “special” kind of paper, it is small and it rollable. No I’m not talking about joint but of the new e.Ink based Polymer Vision’s reader.

It enters my personal gadget’s wish list placing at the third place (after iPhone and iLiand) just because it cannot be used to jot down notes.
Once this will be possible I think it will be the definitive device for me.

Have you seen Tim (Telecom Italia Mobile, italia mobile phone carrier) logo in the picture? no it is not photoshop.
Tim had the exclusive to market the “Cellular book”.

It will be happy my friend Antonio thai is going to be the first e-ink compliant publisher in Italy. He does not like multipurpose devices but piggybacking e Ink on cellular phones it is the beat way to have a wide spreading of the device thought to better perform user reading experience.

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