It is always exciting to see ideas incepting enthusiasm and let ideas come true. Well thai it is tonight. Thanks to Giovy and Estragon born
These are the three main objectives I had in mind when thought about it:

  • promote and sustain barcamps in Italy
  • promote international relationships with barcamps all around the world.
  • promote coworking idea as Chris Messina and other guys are doing in USA, creating like places where social networking and loosely coupled collaboration became off line social networks.

Now some answers to Giovy first questions:

> 1. Ritenete sia meglio avere un blog, un wiki o entrambi? (we will start with a blog, a wiki or both solutions?)

Both are surely the best way. A collaborative blog with different editors writing about different topics or responsible for a given category and a wiki hosted on the last is the best way to start international collaboration and Knowledge exchange with other barcampers. Here it is the contact list of Italian Barcamp Ambassadors, Joining you can add your name

2. Se si sceglie un blog (su piattaforma WordPress, of course), come pensate sia meglio strutturarlo? What about information Architecture of the blog?

I’m going to think about it. i love plaintext and minimalism. WordPress is good.

3. Se si scegli un wiki, che piattaforma vorreste vedere online? E come pensate sia meglio strutturarla?

Just do it.

4. Pensate sia una buona idea creare un logo che rappresenti TUTTI i BarCamp italiani, ed eventualmente utilizzarlo (modificandolo a seconda delle esigenze, ovviamente) come base per la creazione dei loghi dei diversi BarCamp italiani? What about a Italian Barcamp Logo to represent all Italia Barcamp with local modifications?

No I don’t think it is a good idea. Barcamp logo it is already a known brand. Barcamp Italia aims to join the global conversation about barcamp movement and it has been recognized as barcamp local network

In the next days I’ll go deeper into reflections about coworking. Bye

Great Job Giovy

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