This is and english for dummies post

Yesterday, Mr Lino Banfi, presented his book "Ti racconto una storia" ("Let me tell you a story") and his brand new blog at Feltrinelli Bookstore, Galleria "Alberto Sordi", in the heart of Rome. Mr Banfi is one of the most successful italian comedians but too often his works has not  well understood by the critics. The same people who classified his movies B Movies in the seventies and eighties now claim that they are cool and cult movies. What’s happened is that Quentin Tarantino put this movies in his own A-list and saw what nobody in Italy has been capable to see.

Lino Banfi instead created his own style, believed in his art, and leave us a mess of comic memes. He also described well in his acting some italian funny and light qualities of day by day way of life, making us more ironic and able to laugh of ourselves.

Lino Banfi it is also at ease in dramatic roles. Recently  he played in several succesful fiction facing social themes as omosexuality and is going to tell us something about senior forgiving but he played also in a great movie in 1971: "Detenuto in Attesa di Giudizio" with Alberto Sordiand directe by Nanni Loy.

Lino has a long carrer (with an astonishing list of films) and changed is real name Antonio Zagaria in Lino Banfi suggested by Totò (Antonio De Curtis).

Now he became a blogger, thanks to the genius of  Mauro Lupi. Lino it is a good blogger and have such a large repertorire to keep blogging for centuries. One Thing I realize. There is not still a blogroll. A blogger has absolutely have a good blogroll Lino.

So I suggest you a thing, Lino. I saw that Quentin Tarantino "hardly knows what a mouse is". Well as you and other italian movie maker teached him something in the past it’s time to teach him to blog.

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