I thought it would be useful and funny to have a round of opinions on Romecamp. What we learned and what we can do in the future for Italian Web 2.0.
Let’s go on air tomorrow at 21:30 UTC +1 (ora italiana).
I decided to test BlogTalk radio, ‘cause skyoecast today does not work well.
Everyone can call up to 5 in the same time the other wait in a queue. Moderate the conversation it seems useful

I Have a Talk Show

cliccare qui : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ScriptaVolant

how to:

How can I call in live and speak with a host?

You can contact the host in two ways. You can call the host during the blogshow using any phone, whether it be a landline, mobile, VOIP, soft phone, etc. Or you can visit their Host Channel page to find out their favorite instant messenger client and screen name, and IM them during their show.

To reach the host by phone, dial the phone number that appears on the Programming Guide or on their Host Channel page. You will be automatically placed into a queue where you will be able to hear the live show. When the host takes your call, you will be live on the air and audible to his or her audience. However, you can and may be muted according to the host’s discretion.

Where do I get my call in phone number?
As a host, we will provide you with your own dedicated phone number. We will also assign a separate phone number for your callers, which will appear on your host channel page. We provide these numbers free of charge. When you are ready to host your blogshow, you simply call in, dial your host pin (which is automatically generated when you sign up) and begin talking.

Your listeners who wish to call in and comment will dial the listener call in phone number and be placed into a queue from which you will be able to activate, mute, and delete callers.

How many listeners can I have during each blogshow segment?

Unlimited listeners! They simply click your streaming audio link from your Host Channel page or the Programming Guide and they will be able to listen. If they want to be a guest on your show or make a live comment, they must call in.

How many live callers can I have at once?

You can receive as many live callers as you want during your blogshow segment. However, you can have up to 5 simultaneous live callers. The rest will wait in a queue.