These days are changing radically my digital life. The barcamp boosted my social networking , the new blog layout respond to a changing in blogging habits and the last but not the list a new migration: to Mac Os .
I go rapidly through blogging here there are the basic, simple, concepts I followed and some things I learned:

  • minimalist layout: plain text and a bit o color sometime.
  • I’m going to change the tags using a closed tag system: its more clear to the users, helps to maintain the blog on its rails. This is a more complex task reuiring the installation of “batch categories” wordpress plugin.
  • using the same tags to categorize the feeds director
  • choose online tools and use at the best theei synchronisation capabilities. Here some tools:
  • use or ma.gno.lia
  • use google calendar (and subscrbe it to read in iCal)
  • use google reader
  • use a blogging tool: i bought ecto wich it seems the best available. (I used also qumana but i have to check if new versions went improved).

And now the Mac. What about?. I’m not totally new to this OS but never owned a mac. yesterday my laptop died. A stupid thing that cause me a great loss in these days I’m working for barcamp. The power dc plug stopped to do its simple job and the laptop does not receive power

Fortunately I made back up few day ago. I was thinking about to switch seriously to mac since two month and this make the process faster than I planned.

Few words to give my opinion about the macbook. I will never go back. Steve Jobs gained another customer.
Impressive is the multimedia management feauture (apple remote is simply great), the iCal application leave me quite satisfied, isync gave my mobile phone new life (even if it accidentally deleted my mobile address book without I still understood the reason) and safari probably will win over firefox and flock (except for some features).

If this is the result of the firs two day using my new computer I guess that in the future I’ll have more and more Cupertino fruits. Starting from the iPhone.

I followed the buzz around Steve Job’s Keynote at Macworld withotu great attention. I really don’t like a priori support mac fan spent for everything apple’s CEO says or does but watching the show I’ve been really impressed by the new toy.
It is not the design but the usability and the perfect integration of applications, functionalities and user experience innovation that left me astonished. the Multi Touch technology is simply unbelievable and the ease with you switch from a phone call to a texting application or multimedia shows is great.

Scrolling down your list (contacts, musics, video, mail, sms threads) with a finger, the same you will use to write and the one of two you use to zoom photos or web sites pages and google maps.

Among the mess of enthusiastic comments followed Job’s keynote I read few more cold. The common implied idea is: it’s marketing as usual.
Undoubtedly Apple has a great marketing strategy but it is among the few companies that it is able to innovate and give to the marketing breakthrough products.
They are leader in innovating user interfaces and this is the secret of their success. The marketing lock in strategies and the fidelisation results are a consequence.

The iPhone collects a series of innovation in user interface simply astonishing, the other player can now only follow.
there is also another strategic factor that boost Apple competitive advantages. the pricing is not a the top: $499 for 4gb iPhone is absolutely an entry level price for such innovating product and less of many other competitors products that provide no or frw and not so useful innovations in the mobile market.

Somw time ago I read a scoble vs Winer debate on Wall Street Journal about the Microsoft problems in leading the innovations. The title was: Is Microsoft Driving Innovation Or Playing Catch-Up With Rivals?” Who’s dirving innovation in computer industry?. Apple will do it again sooner.

And now let me quote Daniele (Domains Bot CEO) that comment my switching to Mac Os with this wise sentence (I try to translate it from italian:

“Welcome in the Chosen Club member of a superior “computing order” where beauty and technology fuse them in an usability and style orgasm”