Finally it is available for all Linux users the Flash player plugin. Thanks to Giulio, tonight I solved to problems:

I installed my Trust Mini Webcam successfully and dicovered the flahsplayer plugin.

The little HOW TO Installa the Trust Webcam is cleare and make everithing easy.

So I can use services like YouTube and Stickam to produce videopodcast and test the video conference for barcamp.

The Flash plugin arrives just in time for the tomorrow skypecast scheduled for tomorrow Jan 10th at 21:30 UTC +1.

The guys who host the skypecasts probably made a podcast available thanck to Pamela Skype Plugin

Tonight, we’ll have a meeting at Linux Clubs to prepare RomeCamp Logistics. I will try to connect the event through Stickam I use on . Try to cennect at 22.00

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