The last ten days of this year I spent without connection. The flu knocked me down and the office where I usually work it’s reorganising and Telecom Italia did not succeed to restore my ADSL connection. I’m writing to post as soon as possible.

Anyway i learned some things:

  • Slow down the rithm is still a good thing. I read a lot, sleep a lot, take some time form me. It was too long I worked under pressure.
  • Slow down the rithm is not a good thing. There is to much time to think about your job, what’ done and what’s still to be done. Some ideas that seemed to be good show their limits and doubts begin to knock your door. Opening it up and some new ides enter in your mind and you have no time to let them sit down and listen when they really want. 80% of your self employed job have no certain return and when you have too much time to think what it will be you start querying yourself if you are doing the right thing.
  • Personal Computers without networking works at 50%. The Network is the computer

Anyway to all who have read, are reading and will read this blog: HAPPY NEW YEAR.


TELECOM ITALIA restored my connection at 12:38 of Jat 3Th 2007 afters 14 days fo total blackout and 14 phone calls to the help desk. Today, they set up the line in less than an our. What does it means?

That’s all the technical support staff has gone on vacancy for xmas and the end of the year party leaving me in deep troubles.

So what’s the new year intenison?

I’m changing provider, leaving Telecom voice and data services to try MCLINK, ADSL and VOIP services.

They provide connectivity I manage for a customer of mine and i think they are among the best provider in Italy.


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