BarCamp Tourin was a great success. Hiraoshima Mon amour the underground club which hosted the event is simply great. There was a strange atmoshere halfway between Blade Runner and “Estates General” of French Revolution.

Me and Riccardo a geek friend of mine with i’m going to launch a simple shared calendar application in the next days, enjoied this event enthusiastically.
Now many blogs I read have a Face and a Voice and the “conversation” is quite simpliest and more “human”.
i’ll write about speeches in a next post. Unfortunatelly i was busy in talking with all the people organised the BarCamp to have precious tips for RomeCamp and cannot follow all the presentation i wished.
In particular i wanna thank Vittorio Pasteris and Riccardo Cambiassi, for preciuos adivises.
The most important thing i learned is that the location is an importan success factor. Different right sized rooms to host parallel slots and some palces where to exchange first impressions, have information about other speeches, socialize and have a coffe to oil ideas, are quite important.
The rest of the time i spent was talking about idea i will present in RomeCamp. The question is buzzing in my minde recently is: Is the venture capitalist model the only way to seed successful starups in web 2.0 arena or we can find a different model.
The answer I’m thinking about relays on an organisation model tha historically had a great success in Italy, reaching in some cases great dimensions.
The aim is to build the first loosely coupled, distributed, web 2.0cooperative to provides web 2.0 services, applications and face largeprojects tha small business enterprises and “solo” companies cannotsupport.

Luca Mascaro, Emanuele Quintarelli, Luca Grivet joined the conversation giving me something to study on . Thak you guys.
I will post my thoutgh in the next days.
I kew so many people that I will thanks in the next days. Stefano Vitta, Lele Dainesi, Diego Bianchi, Matteo Marchelli, Simone Morgagni

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