Chris Messina (here a short bio) aka FacrotyJoe is among the fathers of BarCamp. Now he runs Citizen Agency with his partner Tara Hunt.

They are influent S. Francisco based bloggers and had a large experience of web project, and open source. Among the other important things Chris made he designed the NY Times campaing for Firefox.

I’ll invited both to join RomeCamp via webcast. they agreed.

Chris told also about coworking projects. They are focused on distributed collaboration and loosely coupled enterprises potentialities.

A good topic to talk about at the BarCamp and another project I had in my wish list.

I recently talked with Vittorio Pasteris about a web 2.0 workgroup I’d like to create to collect italian blogosphere around few and focused topics and initiatives  giving the succesflu BarCamp italian movement a stable palce where to grow and approach a diffiult market how web it is here in Italy.

He seemed to agree. We will talk about it in Turin. A smilar topic is scheduled. Also Luca Mascaro‘s Speech seems to be on this path

Loosely coupled collaboration is a reality in Italy but made of scattered and individual experience. I think that reasoning about it in a market perspective, looking for effective and practical business models and practices could  be interesting.

Tahnks Again to Chris and Tara and see you in Turin.

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