pin in the mapI’m playing with gmaps on the T6 web site. T6 has a relevant international networks and its activities spread worldwide. it’s naturale to communicate this assets with a gereferenced tools. From the usabilty point of view I found Gmaps a good tool to improve user experience and the navigation.

in short you put gmaps code into your html page and use an xml file to store georeferenced data and description contents.

Recenctly Google guys updated API to the version two so i had to rewrote gmaps snippets of code and changing the xml database structure. I’m not a professional developer meaning that i can “read” javascript,xml, and php code but I’m not abel to write it to solve complexproblems. I’m not a professional developer meaning that i can “read” javascript,xml, and php code but I’m not abel to write it to solve complex problems. So I’ can reasonalby say that migrate to Gmaps2 is relativelysimple. Here there are the relevant issues i faced.

In Gmaps Api v2 the openInfoWindowXslt() methods no longer works so your pop up clicking above the signals may not works.

The new object make also simpliest manage your xml database. You do not need the xls template (i’m sorry if terms are not technically corrtect) to have your data shown. Pay attention tha in the xml file you have to place html using the code for special character (eg < is &lt;, > si &gt; and so on. Slashes( / /) insted seem to be accepted in href attribute value).

Anyway here it is the good offical tutorial to change the code and use the GXslt object. Those who use Safari may encounter some problems.

Walking through the Google Gmaps API Group you also will find some interesting tips and solutions.

I’m really greatful to Mike Williams that was very fine helping me via e mail. His tutorial is the startiing point to paly with gmaps.

New version of Gmaps API helps also to solve another usabilty problems. If you have to represent a large number of items above the maps you can use marker manager

By Brandon Badger – 11/07/2006 07:08:00 PM

With 2.67, we’re releasing the new GMarkerManagerclass. The marker manager is our contribution toward helping usersdisplay many points on a map, and while it may not fit every scenario,we hope it will be useful as an “out-of-the-box” ready-made solution.It manages the task of displaying markers relevant to the user’sviewport and zoom level. Your comments in the API Discussion Group are welcome and may help us with future improvements to this and other features of the API.

It seems cool but I still have to paly with it and manage the xml data with this class. I’ll tell you about this in the next days.

Another useful resource I use to find the ccordinates is

I’m getting more and more interested in mushups and  their potential for SMEs and corporate communicationa. I strongly believe that Glocalisation can also add great valute to blogging activities. 

Simple easy and cool web 2.0 site.I’m really becoming a cool geek isnt’it 🙂

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