Remeber that this is an english for dummies post:

Another powerful characheristics I love of blogs is that they are the perfect instrument to get introduced into a specific topic. Sometimes it happens that i walk around the problem to approach some topics i’m interested in but are not so easy to. I’ have no time and my attention is shared among a multitude of topics, studies, practices and one family. Choosing to read only one more book means sometime tto struggle with an hungry curiosity and the impossibility to increase an heavy workload.

until you discover a quite, gentle clear and passionate blog about your desired topics. You come into contact with an author and his experience and sooner than you can expect you are well introducend in the conversation, managing new concept and ideas. That’s what’s happened with Ibridazioni, Gianandrea Giacoma’s Blog, a Psycologyst that pushed me into the Francisco Varela and Humberto Maturana world.

I knew them having read some chunk before and i jotted down in a remote corner of my mind to deepen the readings.
I’ ve never done it until tonight.

unfortunately is an italian blog without an english version

an english version


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