One of the thing that i miss migrating to Kubuntu distro is my familiarity with outlook and its calendar. Even not perfect it was usable enough and useful.

Actually I’m using mozilla calendar but it is far from usability level of Microsoft product.

So i walked through google calendar  just a littel bit deeper than the first time.

I didn’t want use a remote calendar to store my life in google server . I preferred to see my schedule without an internet access but I’m very impressed by its usabilty.

You can manage different calendars, meke them public or private or restricted to a group, you can play with colors, tags and change views. Daily, monthly or show the entire schdeuled Agenda with few clicks.

A wonderful AJAX coding make events draggable.

It is a pleasure to look at my colourful calendar wide open on my 19 feet monitor.

I think i’m going to use it definitively.

This is my endorsement for the world usability day

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