I’m reviewing the blogging strategy for a client of mine.  the project of a corparate blog in a small company has a great impact on working habits of people. the blog I started has not still agined its own “voice”.

The stategy have to be changed as soon as possible. That is the point.

The main problem is secced in envolving CEO and management in the global conversations.

All are very busy and designing a blog project you face three most important obstacles:

  • I have no time to post
  • I have no writing skills (a part academic papers)
  • I’m not sure that blogging is the right choise to communicate with my audience (meaning I’m fear that people rib the company or attack it.)

The last two items are difficult to overwhelm. It requires a pscicological effort but we can try to explain few basic concepts answering this arguings:

you can improve your writing skills only writing, chatting and conversating and blogs are a great opportunity to learn.  (i’m an italian guy who’s writing in english for dummies. Probably there will be crowds laughing finding errors and strange compunfs form. Probably I’m too verbose for english readers but I do not give up. i believe i can learne and someone can understand what i’m saying.

Do not worry about writing skills, blogging requires quite informal language and you dohave not to observe determinated rules but only finding your style and your voice. Speaking loud or familiar gain you trust. People will  know you are saying it for real and telling stories with passion.

Think at your email for a moment. You really do not worry too much about your style. You prefer to be clear, straight, funny and swift.

Think that beyond the blogging scenes there is the same people who read your emails. there is no difference. You have only to pay attention to respect privacy and keep reserverd those informations are required to be. That’s all.

If you start blogging, soon it will we clear to you that it is not so time consuming. Not more then add just one more  mail to your to do list.

Think your blog as it should be a customer of yours or a friend that is waiting your advice daily and write him sincerely, seriously.

If you do this. If you blog, telling your own story about your own company, probably you will face few adverse comments.

What am i used to ask to my customers is: Do you prefer to know if someone talks behind your back or it’s better to ignore him? Why don’t you think the same for your company?

Blogging is a great tools to let buzz about you to emerge and manage it at your best.

So think how many positive things you can do only adding an email to your to do list.

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