I’ve already tried flock but i didn’int understood its potential. I installed it again and playd a little bit aroud. Its great. If you are a blogger you surely love it for ever. It’s a grat powerful tool to publish your content.

I don’t remember if in the previous attempt the flock’s bloggin feauture supported multi account positng but now that it is. So you can browse, aggregate, upload and post your content with an all in one application.

Flock is a Forefox fork and that’s is the other good news. You can use a lot of add ons. Here there are those I Installed:

  • FireFtp (an FTP Client)
  • GSpace is the more than i could expetct. this piece of software let you to use your gmail account like a file repository. You can upload your file onto Google file system.
  • ShowIp , shows ip address of the site you are browsing.
  • RankQuest toolbar. I’ve still to paly with it but at first glance it seems great.

So Flock is the 2.0 blogmasters generation tool.

If you play different roles and own a solo company just like me, you will find Flocks unique

This is from and usability and feautures availability point of view. I do not know anything from a coding point of vieew. I’ve read that as firefox also flcok is memory consuming. But it seems to work well in his first hours.rs.

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