Here I’m  about Shel Israel Speech in Rome, again. I read Mauro report, detailed as usual, and i’m going to add some impressions.
What ‘s about the key turning point to blog successfully in business area?

  1. Starting Conversations
  2. Following Passions
  3. Speak in english

That’s provide your communicatin efforts:

  1. ideas and neighborhood
  2. trust and reputation
  3. wide audiences

What’s about digital divide? Will blogs connect more and more people in blogoshpere a part forma a large part of real world? Does non connected people shout in a vacuum?

“Bloggers hato to make the Access affair important for governments.” …”Blogging is getting more and more important as well as alwayso on connectiion” .

Starin from this statement we come into the other simple turning point:

“Governments, Companies, People, They really don’t hace choice. thei have to get into blogging”.

And when Alessio Jacona di Blog4biz asked him about ROI and blogging the annswer souds like music for me: Not always we can have a metrics to  measure ROI but this does not means that blogging is not important and can add value to your business.

I suggest to read his book where this is clearly explained.

Traditional successfull campaigns has a 2% .5% redemption rate. That’s meaning that 98% of people recieve un solicited massage the do not respond. We call this a success because if we reach 1 millions of peole we can gain 20.000 new customers. But what about the other 980.000 that are telling each other how your company is intrusive and “god knows what”  about your products?

It’s crazy.

Interesting but just a little bit out of the context the question  by Giulio Carminati, (an old RAI TV guy).
After a long introduction to South Italy Economic and Cultural Problems, obviously Shel ignored totally, he asked how blogging can help new generations to come out the oppression of mafia and other criminal organisations are killing south italy development. A problem that Italy is trying to solve forms hundreds of years.

“Wow”-  said Israel and concluded ” I will get into deep in the itali dark side of the moon but what ca I say now is that blogs can help people keeping records of what’s happening everywhere at any time, can change mobs into smart mobs and that’s enough for the sate of the art in Italy I guess.

But let me say something about the matter.

Can we (italian people) ask to blogs and ICT solutions to solve a cultural and political problem we face since an endless time? Yes a world wide conversations can help the rest of the world to better understand what’s going on in “hot” spots of world of wars.  You can read  American soldiers  blogging form Iraq for instance. Tha’s great and give un an insde sight we never had but the war is still going on.

We cannot stop it blogging the same way John Lennon couldn’t stop it singing or the pope praying.  A similar approach makes ICT resemble to a religion not a science or political issue. And religious conflicts are enough now a day.

The god of blog will not save us. We all in Italy know what’s going on in Palermo or Naples or Milan and Rome where crimininality changes itself into business. blogging the facts cannot change as well as some journalism reports could not in the past. Blogging can obviously help the changing and this is waht i believe in. But take it easy guys. We have to blog the facts, telling the real world in our stories. Blogs can succed where Tv has failed Mr Carminati. that’s sure. The first things you can do is simple. Start to blog. “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”… someone said 🙂
Think if J.F. Kennedy could be a blogger what a great blooger he would be.

I think that we have to face innovations and changhings more easily without think the can change the world but using them at ther top potential.
What we can reach in this way  is the value added we gain.