The Second Time in four day met Shel Israel. This time was to listen his speech about blogs at America Studies Centre, in Rome. We already talked along about blogs last week but i was very curious to see what no bloggers people  think about this revolution.
I was also curious to know Luca Conti and Marco Montemagno, Shel told me he should attended the conference. Unfortunately he wasn’t. Also with Luca I had a short conversation , he was in a hurry to  get on his train.  I hope we can see each other on the RomeCamp.
What about the speech? It was a conversation, Shel Introduced his vision about blogs and his future book announced on 2008, “Global Neighbourood”. Then he spent the time answering  some question from the public.
I’ll try to summarize what i learne in the next post.
Shel was introduced by Myra Michele Brown, the smart, clever lybrarian of US. State Dept in Italy. The two started joking so the conversation that came out sounded quite familiar.
Bloggers are not always well accepted by institutions and establishment. The US Dept shows to be farseeing. they probably understand that blogging is becoming more and more  important  expecially  among teens that sooner or later becom citizenzs, employees, politicians.
Myra said she has a blog but i cannot found it, what i read for now is this article.