right here right now. Blogosphere is not jest better than old media nor worst at all. what’s the matter is that’happaening. More and more people starts conversations on the net.you can like it or not but you can change it. That’s the next big thing. It is not a killer application or something of technological. It is a changing in the society and culture.
Shel Israel
strongly believe in this vision. He also believe in passion. Writing and conversating are passions and passions can lead you to the success. People will find you, will ear you if you are capable to write and do your things with passion.Perhaps, i say, because the passion is the closest felling to the truth and sincerity. Is passion the blogosphere business model? Can it really bring us what Tim Brays categories: Biz, Tech, Truth (i wrote some days ago about Tim)
That’s what i learned this evening having dinner with Shel . Me and my friend Yael met him at the Taverna del Ghetto, a restauraurant we love.
Jewish Artichoke, Bucatini hollow pasta amatriciana style with steak sauce and Baked salt cod with pine nuts, raisins and cherry tomatoes
(for italian readers, Bucatini all’amatriciana con salsa di bistecca, Baccalà alla vecchia storia ovvero al forno con pinoli, passerire e pomodori pachino pè capisse) are strongly recommended.
I told Shel about Italy “strange” economic environment, I told hi, bout my job with T6, about the Digital Business Ecosystem, you can understand better listening Andrea Nicolai at the RomeCamp, and told him about my ideas and projects on blogging, nanopublishing. He invited me to his speech on monday at the America Studies Centre, here in Rome.
Here i’ll be glad to meet Luca Conti, i skyped with last night and Marco Montemagno, Shel already met and appreciated.
Shel will be on board of directors of b5media in january 2007. May will we expects new italian expolit on the recently quite dynamic Internet scene?
Stay tuned.

Read about Shel Israel European Tour here

Thanks to Tara Hunt, from the citizenagency.com introduced me to Shel

I told you Shel that every corner of Rome is history. along Via Caetani where you’ll make the Speech the history of Italy changed in 1978. Here the Prime Minister Aldo Moro was found murdered by BR (Red Brigates) a terrorist group in tha haul of a car.