This an english for dummies post:
Thanks to Shel that persuaded me to begin to post in eneglish.
Reading his last remembered me that blogging is a good thing but need also a strong networking and “social” skills.

David Cameron, stood out on the The Economist cover story  last week. The question is: Who is David Cameron? At first glance He is the man who will callange Tony Blair in next UK Elections. He is also the man who’s trying to give tories a new image.
David Cameron, use new media and has a blog. Not a good one why it requires flash 8 loosing all linux based audinces but he shows good will.
He is more confindent with old TV Camera shooting him to talk with young english homeless. That’s good, you will say. Also politicians have a soul even if tories.
Ok, but try to use new social media and  read blogs. You will discover the other side of the moon.
David Cameron was shooted wiping his hand upon his trousers “backyard”, skowling.
We all have an opportunity to recover  freedom of the press. We can talk the same language of mainstream media and face their power, just shooting and posting on the web. But we need networks. Social networks to let this power grow up and face establishment attacks that will come.
i’m thinking about the Cameron PR staff. Even if the Economist was quite warm  about Cameron’s policy anyway they gained a big Boss’ Smile on the cover story.
Grassroot journalism , global neighborood trashed it all.